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There are only three things you need to know about Bones: Red Bull, Bitching, and Drumsticks!
But if you must know more you'll have to wait until he gets around to writing his own bio. Or you can deal with what I'm going to write.

It was never easy for Bones. He was born a poor black child. He remembers the days...sitting on the porch with his family...singing and dancing...down in Mississippi.... Actually no...that's not it.

He says he was born in Harrisburg but I don't think he remembers any of that, we know him as "that drummer guy from Bellefonte". So we're going to say that's where he's from. He's a preacher's kid so growing up he didn't know much about "secular music". The family was pretty musical but "rock and/or roll" wasn't in the Harper vocabulary until Junior High when he heard Prince at the school dance... His head literally exploded... After that he was hiding tapes like other boys hid Playboys and moved the radio dial when no one was around to the rock stations.

None of this is to say he wasn't bashing on the drums from early on, he did the whole school music stuff, most of the school bands weren't blasphemous so it was cool. He did the concert band, marching band, jazz band (his old bio mentioned him winning a Louis Armstrong award for kicking jazz band ass) etc. Eventually though the parents let go of the no rock thing and Bones was unleashed, he pulled out his tapes in public and gathered influences. Those included Stewart Copeland of The Police, Neil Peart of Rush (of course every drummer says he's one of their influences), Will Calhoun of Living Colour, Omar Hakim he played with Sting, Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater, Ringo Starr, and that chick that rocked the drums in the Robert Palmer videos.

Of course there's no point doing all of this unless you actually get into a band and Bones got himself into some rockin' outfits like "No Exit", "Travellin'", and then he landed the gig with State College legends "Nomad" (they played awesome songs very well). After some differences in opinion regarding the direction of Nomad Bones found himself "jamming with some dudes" that would eventually become "broken", which of course, if you know your history leads directly to Velveeta.

Over there -> is some of the equipment that Bones uses, you can ask him about them, all I know is he hits it with sticks, it's too loud and takes up way too much space!

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