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Born in Butler, PA into a musical household that included a fairly awesome record collection, young Brian's path was set very early when his parents realized the only way to get the child to sleep was to put speakers next to the crib and play Doobie Brothers records. This of course led to his first word being "Doobie" which is either unfortunate or the COOLEST THING EVER!

His Father played guitar and sang in bands and around the house so the basement was stocked with some guitars, basses, an old piano and he also, on ocassion, had access to his Uncle Ernie's drum kit. The guitars were his Father's and off-limits to the youngster, so his musical training began with trying to pick out songs on the piano and beating on the drums. Brian's first time on stage was actually sitting on his Uncle's lap bringing the beat(ish) at about 3 years of age. At about 5 his parents sent him off for piano lessons, it didn't take, the songs in the little book didn't rock enough. At age 10 EVERYTHING CHANGED it was time for picking an instrument in school, Brian chose the trumpet. It was also at this time when his Dad gave up the off-limits rule on the guitars, and taught him some finger wrangling chords to test his commitment.

The trumpet worked out O.K. he played in all the various marching, symphonic, orchestral, and jazz bands the school had to offer but Maynard Ferguson, he was not. These opportunities did expose Brian to all kinds of different styles that otherwise would have been overlooked and it helped build his theory and reading knowledge. The guitar however was his true love and that's where he ended up applying these skills.

At 11 or 12 his Dad began running sound for a Butler area band called The Jentz (they're still at it, look them up!). This was the turning point in Brian's full on rock 'n' roll education and corruption. He spent nearly every weekend from 12-18 years of age tech-ing, roadie-ing and soaking up everything he could musically during the show. Invaluable experience that still serves him well. But the downside is that since his entire teenage life was filled with spending many hours trying to master Van Halen licks during the week then hanging out with guys at least twice his age on the weekend has led to a social ineptitude rivalled by few.

Brian's own rock band career did start in high school with "Technical Difficulty" playing only the best in 80's alternative, and some ground breaking originals. They played the mall, some school dances, and somehow a wedding. From this solid foundation Brian's wings spread when he went to Penn State and ended up playing in about 37 different bands some serious, some never left the basement and some were "One Night Only" affairs. Highlights include "The Electric Shoes", "3 Man", "Not Guilty", "Viking Mouse War Bear", and of course "broken" -> "Velveeta".

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