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Velveeta Booking Information

(Everything you ever wanted to know about getting Velveeta to play for you but were afraid to ask..)

Velveeta has been honored and lucky enough to entertain in a wide variety of places and situations over the years. We want to add your bar, club, reception, corporate event, party, conference, charity event or whatever you have in mind to the list of experiences.

"Keeper of the Schedule" Brent Martin

(814) 883-1783
e-mail:Brent Martin

Bar/Club Owners

Managers, event planners, agents... People who have done this sort of thing before.

If you have a "graphics person". We've got Velveeta graphics and pictures that can be used for promotional materials HERE.
If you have an in-house sound system/engineer Velveeta's input list and stage plot is HERE.